How to Download Youtube Videos for Free?

Downloading videos without proper authorization from the content creators or YouTube violates those copyrights.

However, there are some legal methods to download YouTube videos for offline viewing, as long as you adhere to YouTube’s terms of service:

  1. YouTube Premium: If you have a YouTube Premium subscription, you can download videos for offline viewing on your mobile device. This feature is part of the paid subscription and allows you to watch videos without an internet connection within the YouTube app.
  2. YouTube Offline: Some videos on the YouTube mobile app may have an offline option. If the video’s creator has enabled this feature, you can download the video for temporary offline viewing within the YouTube app.
  3. YouTube Music Premium: If you have a YouTube Music Premium subscription, you can download music videos for offline listening. Similar to YouTube Premium, this feature is part of the paid subscription.

10 Websites that allow you to download Youtube Videos

As of my last update in September 2021, it’s important to note that downloading YouTube videos using third-party websites may infringe on YouTube’s terms of service and may also violate copyright laws. Additionally, these websites may be subject to change, and their legitimacy can vary. Proceed at your own risk and ensure you have the necessary permissions or rights to download videos. Here are ten websites that were known to offer YouTube video downloading services:

  2. ClipConverter:
  3. Y2Mate:
  4. KeepVid:
  5. OnlineVideoConverter:
  6. Catchvideo:
  7. 4K Video Downloader:
  8. BitDownloader:
  9. YTMP3:
  10. FLVTO:

Again, please be aware that downloading videos from YouTube without permission may violate YouTube’s terms of service and copyright laws. It is generally better to use legitimate methods like YouTube Premium or the YouTube app’s offline feature for offline viewing, as they comply with YouTube’s policies.